Physical Literacy | Throwing Stones In Water

TIME: 30 Minutes

AGES: 4 – 12

SKILL: Throw


  • Natural water body such as ocean, lake, river or large pond
  • Beach with plenty of small rocks 1-4 cm in diameter (i.e. gravel size)
  • Small sticks that float well


  1. Toss one or two sticks into the water
  2. Depending on the size of your child, sticks can be 2-5 metres from shore
  3. Collect small stones for throwing at the sticks
  4. Try to hit the sticks with the stones
  5. Cheer whenever someone hits a stick!
    TIP: Show your child how to do a basic overhand throw
    TIP: If you are throwing right-handed, your left leg should step forward
    TIP: If you are throwing left-handed, your right leg should step forward
    TIP: Your throwing hand should come from behind and over your shoulder


  • Try making a game where you keep score – one point each time you hit a stick


This activity develops coordination of arms and torso, fine motor control, and the ability to “read” distances. These skills transfer to sports and activities that involve throwing an object accurately over a perceived distance (e.g., balls, frisbees, ribbons, sticks, batons)