Physical Literacy | Hockey Shooting (Wheel)

TIME: 5 Minutes

AGES: 5 – 12

SKILL: Strike, Wheeling


  • Gymnasium or outdoor space with hard ground surface, street hockey ball, hockey stick, hockey net


  1. Set up the hockey net with a wall behind it, and then lay down markers 2, 3, 4, and 5 metres from the net
  2. Children take turns shooting at the net, starting at 2 metres and then moving to the next marker each time they score
  3. Goalies are optional. Add a goalie only if the child wants a greater challenge


  • If you want to make shooting easier, try using lighter, softer, and bigger balls
  • Try using shorter, lighter sticks for greater control
  • Use cones or rags to mark the goal, and then you can adjust the goal to any size


This activity develops striking skills together with core strength