Physical Literacy | Basketball Dribble

TIME: 15 Minutes

AGES: 5 – 12

SKILL: Dribble


  • Open space with hard pavement (concrete or asphalt)
  • A basketball or large bouncy ball (appropriately sized for your child)


  1. Dribbling means bouncing a ball continuously with the palm and fingers of the hand
  2. Show your child how to do a two-handed dribble (both hands contact the ball at the same time)
  3. Show your child how to do right- and left-handed dribble. One hand will be more difficult depending on whether your child is left-handed or right-handed
  4. Practice all three dribbles
  5. Play a mirror game: when you dribble with your left hand, so must your child. Vary the dribbles, speed, height and other factors to make the game fun


  • Try the mirror game with your child leading


This activity develops hand-eye coordination, balance, and rhythmical movement